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Von Goodwin is a business consultant, radio talk show host, personal coach and, the author of books and articles revealing the role of the individual in creation.

Since 1985, he has worked with individuals to rediscover ancient wisdom to enrich their personal lives. 

 He has been a pioneer in breaking down barriers of limitions and, replacing them with a vision of possibilities.


PLAN 323:  What is it?

Motivation or Inspiration?

Simply put, I work with people to help them escape the bindings that cause them to fail. 

It is easy to lose one’s way, and the first wrong turn is abandoning the basics.  It is not popular to suggest to people that the principles that our traditional grandparents taught us has relevance in today’s world.  I hear far too frequently, in fact, the principles that founded our country are outdated and of no consequence. 

And it is often the case that those that make those comments are the ones most in need of finding their core values to serve a higher calling. 

I am available as a keynote speaker for your event:  Business luncheons, customer conferences, schools, churches, any place where my message would benefit those in attendance.  

I am available to coach individuals, such as, senior management, civic leaders, teachers, sales staff, trainers, and project managers, anyone whose success depends on Change Readiness.  

I am available as an on-site resource to work with your staff, congregation, organization, or school to provide extended coaching.

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Von sitting in with Maggie Poteau of ABC 33/40



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The Moon Series

Ancient cultures have known for a long time that the treasures hidden in the heavens are rich and are precisely in order. So much so that a common practice exists worldwide that mirrors the cycles of the moon on the back of a turtle. There are thirteen panels on the back of a turtle and native cultures use this characteristic to count the full moons in a calendar year. There are twenty eight smaller panels that line the rim of the turtle's back that represent the days between each full moon. Each moon has a name and a meaning. So, if the need is to anticipate the planting or the harvesting of crops, or the conception of child, this method of time keeping makes life knowable.
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Von with Gregg Braden, Machu Picchu, Peru

Von with Dr. Brian Weiss, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

The Lenten Moon

The rising of the Lenten Moon signaled the beginning of a time of mournful respect for the death of Christ at the hands of the Romans. And two thousand years later the rising of the same full moon marked the beginning of a quest of discovery and accountability. To expose those who were entrusted with preserving life of committing acts of reckless abandonment. Deceit and arrogance were pieces of a failed orchestration that resulted in a tragic death. A missed diagnosis, the dodging of responsibility and the alchemy of leech saliva and snake venom were professional interventions that caused the instant clotting of the patient’s blood. Thirty one days of decisions and second-guessing tilled the soil of doubt as self inflicted guilt produced its fruit of reckoning. A reckoning that not only changed the lives of the guilty, but also provided insightful tutorials and saved my life in the process.

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The Egg Moon

Ancient wisdom proclaims a teacher will appear when the student is prepared to learn. One is always where one needs to be, at exactly the moment that is required, to experience opportunities in increased awareness. The experiences of Von Goodwin have proven that the explanation of coincidence is nothing more than rationalization when remarkable things happen in one’s life. These remarkable occurrences are often defined as miracles, and yet, the concept of miracles is misleading. The authority each person has in shaping their lives and creating their existence is as real, and as natural as life itself. The miracle then becomes why so many are unconscious to their creative power. Ancient text commissions those that see a need to act. To enlighten those that are searching, to encourage those that are struggling and to enable those that are eager to pursue their sacred callings. And it is the mission of the author to lead those that are ready to hear to a higher consciousness.  

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