What if the Worst Were to Happen?

Statistics consistently show that DEATH among victims of disaster mostly occurs by:

  • Starvation
  • Dehydration 
  • The Elements
  • Ignorance of Survival Preparedness 

Be an experienced prepper – learn from others, and have a preppers checklist for food, water, shelter, personal hygiene, medical needs, bartering items, etc…  That, with a sound, survival preparedness plan, will off-set many risks and uncertainties. Cultivating survival techniques to protect your family through a strong survival preparedness plan doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to accomplish. As a matter of fact, it’s easier and cheaper than you think – even if you’re a beginner.

What You Will Need to DO!

 You want to make sure that you have enough food (on your survival food list), water, and pepper-supplies for each person under your protection for at least 6-12 months, if not more (for family, friends, etc.). Also, you should DEFINITELY have an off-grid power plan, which will allow you and your family to operate at 100% survival efficiency – which could be the difference between life and death – LITERALLY! Off-Grid Power is the most underestimated keystone to a GREAT survival preparedness plan.

Are You Ready to Survive a Crisis and Protect Your Family Too?

Survival Preparedness TEST

1.  Do you know what the 37 Critical Survival Food List Items You Need to Hoard? Y or N

2.  Do you know Food Storage Techniques (temp?, humidity?, shelf-life?, etc.)?  Y or N

3.  Do you have or know how to Harvest, Purify and Store Water for the long-term? Y or N

4.  Do you have an Off-the-Grid Power Plan (minimal solar or wind skills)? Y or N

5.  Do you have Survival Techniques for Survival Gardening? Y or N

6. Do you know how to Spot a Food Storage before it strikes? Y or N

If you DID NOT answer YES to ALL 6 questions that we at Preppers Checklist put forth, then click on this link: 



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